how to travel from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and Hebron

South West Bank Destinations (Bethlehem area and Hebron area)

You can travel with the sherut service to the East Jerusalem Bus Station (see instruction above) and catch the public bus to Bethlehem. From here, there are two possible routes that you can use.

-The bus 231 route takes you via tunnels through Beit Jala to a final station in Bethlehem called “Bab Ezkak” junction. This station is quite central in Bethlehem and it is within walking distance to the city center of Bethlehem or other destinations, such as Bethlehem University, Nativity Church, Aida camp, Azza camp, Bethlehem Old Town, and Manager or Star Street. However, you can also take a sherut, which is usually a seven-seat vehicle (in Arabic called “service”), or a private taxi to Beit Sahour, Dehaishe refugee camp, villages around Bethlehem, or the Hebron area.

-The second possible route takes you to Bethlehem’s main checkpoint, also known as Rachel’s Tomb or Checkpoint #300. A bus ticket will cost 5 NIS (approx 1 Euro). Leave the bus at the checkpoint and walk through the checkpoint terminal entrance to the meeting area behind the wall. Upon reaching this point, again you either choose to take the public transport “service” or a private taxi to reach your destination.

Green buses drive in northern directions, blue buses driving in southern directions. For orientation where these locations are situated please see:


Note: The walk through this checkpoint is quite hassle free (present your identity card or passport) and continue on. However, exiting this checkpoint can prove to be difficult for both locals and international alike because of the long queue, the check-in procedures, and the hidden location of the gate which is far from the car exit. Be aware that this checkpoint is the only exit to locals holding Palestinian (green) ID with permission and/or internationals with tourist visas.


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