how to go to Ramallah , Nablus, Jenin ..etc from Jerusalem

North West Bank Destinations (Ramallah, Nablus, Jenin, etc.)
If you want to travel to the West Bank you should go to the East Jerusalem Bus Station at Nablus Road, near Damascus Gate / Musrara / Road 1.

The East Jerusalem Bus Station is divided into two parts:

Part A serves the northern areas:

Ramallah and Qalandia checkpoint (bus number: 18
Beit Hanina (bus number: 74)
Bir Naballa (bus number: 45)
Shuafat camp (bus number: 7)
Al-Aissawyeh (bus number: 1)
Zur Baher (bus number: 3)

Anata (bus number: 54)

Al-Ram ((bus number: 81)

Al- Matar (bus number: 78)

Part B serves southern areas:

Bus numbers 5,63,75,76,21,22,24,124,

Green buses drive in northern directions, blue buses driving in southern directions. For orientation where these locations are situated please see:

Most people speak some English and are happy to help people from outside the country arrive at their destination. Keep you passport handy because you will need it at the checkpoints you will cross. The driver will tell you if you need to exit the bus during a checkpoint check.

If you travel further than Ramallah, you need to change buses in Ramallah’s main bus station. Ask the bus driver for help and he will direct you.


One comment on “how to go to Ramallah , Nablus, Jenin ..etc from Jerusalem

  1. JABell says:

    How can I get into Gaza?

    Can you help?

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