Thirteen-Day Walk

The Best Way To Know The Country And The People Is To Explore It By Foot “

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Day 1:  Arrive in Nablus

-Hotel check-in and welcome by Hijazi Travel representative and guide

-Enjoy the traditional Turkish Bath in the evening

-Dinner and meeting to exchange views

-Overnight in Al-Yasmeen Hotel, Nablus

Day 2:  Explore Nablus and Walk to ‘Awarta (1 hour)

-Today we visit and meet with the Samaritan community (the smallest ethnic and religious community on earth)

-After this we will explore the old city of Nablus, including Jacob’s well and Tel Balata where first Abraham arrived  in Canaan

-Before leaving Nablus we will visit a traditional soap factory

-In the late afternoon, we walk to ‘Awarta to explore the village and meet with local people

-Dinner and discussion conclude our day

-Overnight with local families in ‘Awarta

Day 3: Walk from ‘Awarta to Duma (6 hours)

-Our day begins with a walk to Mount Urma and a chance to enjoy traditional tea made on a fire.  We will also take time to observe the Archaeological site and the beautiful landscape

-Following this, we walk to Aqraba (3 hours) for long lunch break with local women’s committee

-In the afternoon, we continue our walk to Duma (3 hours)

-We will enjoy dinner with local families, discussion, an outdoor fire, and henna

-Overnight in Duma

Day 4: Walk from Duma to Kufr Melek (5 hours)

-Depart from Duma toward al-Mughair

-Lunch in al Mughair village with local families.

-In the afternoon we walk to  Ein Samia, a natural water source, then drive to Kufr Melek

-In Kufr Melek we meet with local women’s association

-Dinner and discussion conclude our day

-Overnight in Kufr Melek

Day 5: Walk from Kufr Melek to Taybeh (2 hours)

-This morning we arrive at the ancient Christian village of Taybeh

-Our visit includes the Byzantine Church, a meeting with Father Raed to learn about Palestinian Christians, and a tour of the only Palestinian brewery

-Overnight in convent guest house

Day 6: Jericho and the Dead Sea

-We start with a drive to St. George Monastery to begin our walk to Jericho (1 hour)

-In Jericho, we will Visit the Old City of Jericho and Hisham’s Palace

-After lunch we enjoy a float on the Dead Sea and take advantage of its medicinal water and mud

-After this, we drive back to Bethlehem, where we stay overnight in the beautiful convent of Mary’s House.

Day 7: Bethlehem

-Our day in Bethlehem includes visits to the Church of the Nativity, the Milk Grotto, the old market, a tour of the separation wall, Solomon’s Pools, and a walk to Artas

-Overnight in Mary’s House, Bethlehem

Day 8:  Walk from Bethlehem to Marah Rabah village (6 hours)

-Today we walk through the beautiful Wadi Artas with its Roman aqueduct

-After a picnic lunch and rest, we continue walking to the village of Marah Rabah to meet with the local people

-We join local families for dinner and overnight

Day 9: Walk from Marah Rabah to Ar Rashayda in the desert (7 hours)

-Enjoy walking in a wild valley, a deep but easy walk during which we will see stunning rocky cliffs

-After a picnic lunch and rest stop, we arrive at the Bedouin tent in the desert

-In the evening we will enjoy dinner, Bedouin music and dancing around the fire under a clear sky

-Take time to count the stars from your overnight shelter in the Bedouin tent

Day 10: Walk from Rashayda to Bani Naim (5 hours)

-All day we will enjoy  walking in the Jerusalem wilderness

-We arrive at Masafer Bani Naim in time for dinner and overnight

Day 11: Hebron

-Our day begins with a visit to the Famous Abrahamic sites in Bani Naim, before continuing on to Hebron

-In Hebron, we visit the old city and meet with the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee.  Our time here also includes the Ibrahimi Mosque where we view the Patriarchs’ Tombs and the synagogue

-Our day ends with a visit to a traditional glass and ceramic factory before driving back to Jerusalem

-Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 12: Jerusalem

-In Jerusalem we visit Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Via Dolorosa, and other sights in the Old City

-Overnight in Jerusalem

 Day 13:  Transfer to airport and departure


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