Spring Walk

Hijazi Travel offers you an unforgettable vacation in Palestine during the spring time. This unique opportunity gives you a chance to visit the main cities and walk in the green Palestinian hills and valleys while staying with local families along the way–eating with them and sleeping in their homes and in Bedouin tents. During a Spring Walk, visitors learn about the lives of the people, experience the Bedouins’ hospitality, enjoy the Arabic coffee, spend time around a campfire in the desert enjoying the Bedouin music, and float in the Dead Sea, all while learning about the history and daily life of the people.


Day 1:

This moderate walk begins with a 20-minute drive to Taqo’a.

We then hike to the Bedouin village ar Rashaydeh (5 hours).  The day includes walking through breathtaking deep and flat valleys (Wadi al Jehar / N. Arugot), a picnic lunch and a tea break.

Dinner is a traditional Bedouin meal with music and dancing around the fire.

We overnight in the Bedouin tent.

Day 2: Desert Walk

Our morning begins by watching  the sun rise over the Jordanian mountains, followed by breakfast at 7 am.

We then hike 4 hours from the camp to the scenic cliffs overlooking the the Dead Sea, with a picnic lunch and tea break.

After lunch, we walk back to the tent for dinner, a campfire, and music.

Day 3:   Rashaydah – Hebron

This desert walk takes us from Rashydah to Masafer Bani Na’im (4 hours).

After a lunch break we travel by taxi to visit Maqam Yaqin and other famous Abrahamic sites in Bani Na’im.

We then continue to Hebron for overnight.

 Day 4:

Today we walk the old city of Hebron, including the old markets and neighborhoods, a visit the Ibrahim Mosque (the Patriarchs’ tombs), a meeting with HRC (Hebron Rehabilitation Community), and a visit to the house of Ibrahim.



 Day 1: Nablus – Awarta

We begin with a visit the  old city of Nablus, including the olive oil soap factory and a meeting with the Samaritan community at the top of Mount Gerazim.

Continuing on, we walk towards Tel Balata where first Abraham arrived at the Holy Land city Shechem.

We then visit Jacob’s Well where Jesus met the Samaritan woman.

Overnight at el Yasmin Hotel in Nablus.

Day 2: Awarta – Duma

Today we embark on a 6-hour walk from Awarta to Duma, enjoying a visit to Jabal Urma and the villages of Aqrab and Majdal Bani Fadil along the way.

We arrive in Duma in time for dinner with local families.

After dinner, we gather around the fire and participate in music and cultural dance.

Overnight with local families.


Day 3: Duma –  Kefermalek

As we walk 6 hours from Duma towards Kefermalek, we pass through the village of Mghayyar with the famous springs of Ain Samia and archeological sites.

We arrive in the village of Kefermalek in time for dinner and overnight with the local families.

Day 4: Ein Samia – Auja

Our day begins with a drive  back to Ein Samia, where we start walking towards the Auja area in the Jordan Valley.

We arrive at the Auja springs, then drive to float on the Dead Sea.



 You won’t need a heavy sleeping bag, but you will need a sleeping-sheet

Please bring good hiking shoes, sun glasses, a sun hat, sun block, a flashlight, a small or medium backpack, and a jacket for the evenings (which can be cool)

Be sure to bring drinking water, snacks, and a swimsuit to enjoy the waters of the Dead Sea

A scarf is always useful

Most importantly, please bring plenty of your good mood!

To sign up, please contact Hijazi by email at hijeid@yahoo.com or by phone at +972 599 523 844.

We look forward to hiking with you!


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