Interfaith Walk

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interfaith walk

Day 1 :-  Saturday :- Arrival

welcoming by Hijazi Travel representative and the guide .

Evening at the Turkish Bath meditation, music and Bath services

Dinner and overnight at Yasmin Hotel  – Nablus

Day2  : – Sunday :- Nablus

7:00 – Breakfast

8:00-  meditation…

9:00 – visit to Jacobs Well special prayer . meet the priest and learn about their faith

11:00  Samaritans  in mount Gerzim .meet the  priest and  learn about their faith and traditions,

12:30 lunch at the old city and visit the

13:30 visit to the old city of Nablus  including the Grand mosque .. meeting with a shakhe and learn about Islam

Dinner and overnight at Yasmin Hotel – Nablus

Day 3 :- Monday:- Walk from Burqin – Araba : –  about 10 km.  4 – 5  hours  with breaks .

8:00 – after the breakfast Drive to Burqin/ Burkin  south West of Jenin . visit St. George church  where Jisus stopped in order to heal the ten men who suffered leprosy. Meditation and prayers

10:00 – walk through the plain of Araba – Jenin , the basket food of Palestine ending at Araba village  at elevation of 350 meters above sea level. The history of Arraba traces back to the ottoman period. visit it is ancient Palace/ Abd Al Hadi palace. Which has a secret structural system that was designed for people to have secret gates to escape from the enemies in the wartime.

18:00 Dinner, exchange and overnight within  local families  in Araba – Jenin

Day 4 :-  Tuesday:- Walk from Araba – Sanour  10 km  4 – 5 hrs with breaks

8:00 – leaving after breakfast

pass from the ancient stately palace in the village historic center, and then cross through serene countryside, olive groves and orchards, and most importantly, you will get to see Joseph’s well.

10:00 break and meditation at Joseph’s Well  at the foots of the Bronze Age Tell Douthan .. the traditional place where the children of Jacob put their little brother Joseph in the well.

12:30 after picnic walk about 8 km  to arrive Sanour, which is approximately 26 kms south of Jenin, is originally a tall tower at the top of a mountain. During the late Ottoman era, Sanur served as a fortified village of the Jarrar clan, one of several Throne families.

18:00 dinner and overnight local families  – Sanour – Jenin

Day 5 :- Wednesday:- Walk from Sanour – Sebastia  16 km  about  7 hours walk

We start this hike by climbing the Mount Hraish which has an elevation of 650 meters and is located near Maythaloon town between Sanur and Sebastia.
While hiking  we  will get to see the shrine that is located on the top of the mountain which traces back to ottoman period.

18:00 – dinner and overnight at  Al Kayid Palace – Sebastia

Day 6 :- Thursday :- Walk from Sebastya – Nablus  10 km , 4-5 hours with breaks and meditations

8:00 – after breakfast will visit the ancient Sebastya home to a number of important archaeological sites.

Stop for meditation along the way and  picnic .. Arive to Nablus ..

Dinner and overnight in Yasmin hotel in Nablus

Day 7 :- Friday :- Free  morning for relaxing and meditation ……

Afternoon will  drive to the desert  for lovely evening  around the camp fire, Bedouin music, singing and watching the stars in the deeeeeeep silence of the wilderness ..

Overnight and dinner  within  Bedouin’s  tent –  Rashaydah

Day 8 :- Saturday :- Sunrise and desert walk

Getting up for sunrise  over the Jordanian mountains , breakfast and go deep in the desert on foot .. ending at the breathtaking  overlooking of Dead Sea for special meditation and retreat .. later drive with 4×4 cars to the tent .. say goodbye to our host family and leaving to Bethlehem

Dinner and overnight   at star / Casa Nova hotel in Bethlehem

Day 9 :-  Departure

Please Note : –

  1. This Walk could be Run on September , November, March, April and May any year ..
  2. The itinerary could be easily modified according to our guest/s desire .