Lovely Evening with Bedouins

Dear friends,

Have you ever experienced the Bedouins’ music while drinking tea around a campfire in the desert?

Have you ever explored the desert by 4-wheel drive?

Have you ever watched a Bedouin shepherd milking his camel?

Have you ever tasted camel’s milk?

Have you ever slept overnight in a Bedouin tent enjoying the silence of the desert?

Have you ever enjoyed the sun set and rise in the desert?

Have you ever watched the Dead Sea from a cliff of 400 – 500 m above sea level?

Hijazi Travel invites you for a lovely evening with a Bedouin family in the Jerusalem wildness. Watch the sunset and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Dead Sea, then join our host family for dinner in their tent. Afterwards, feel free to gather with our hosts to drink camel’s milk, tea, or coffee around a campfire, explore the camp, or lie down and experience the mystery of the desert while counting the stars in the clear sky and feeling the gentle breeze move through your hair.

WHEN: Every day upon the request, leaving  2.5 hours before sunset. Please call to confirm the time.

WHERE: We will leave from Bab Ezqaq or Bethlehem Checkpoint, drive to Rashaydeh Bedouin camp East of Bethlehem (Ta’amra on Israeli maps) to meet our host, then travel by 4-wheel drive truck into the desert, arriving at the observation point overlooking the Dead Sea and the Jordanian mountains. After sunset, we will drive back to the camp for dinner and leisure time. At 10 pm we will drive back to Bethlehem.

YOU NEED: Please bring a flashlight, water, and plenty of good mood. Sleeping sheet is needed if you want to stay overnight.

To sign up, please contact Hijazi by email at or by phone at +972 599 523 844.

Looking forward to having you with us…


One comment on “Lovely Evening with Bedouins

  1. Debra Beilke says:

    I am very interested in the Bedouin tour. I am staying in Bethlehem for a few weeks. I will be here until April 22. Will you be doing an Bedouin tours before that time? -Debra

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