Half-Day Walks

Lovely Evening with Bedouins in the desert

Mar Saba Monastery Walk


5 comments on “Half-Day Walks

  1. I need a complete description, please !!

    • Hijazi Eid says:

      hi Mahmoud,
      it is done. i hope it is helpful. we are happy to receive your comments and answering your questions .
      have a nice day,

  2. Fenella Temmerman says:

    Hello. Would you consider going tomorrow, Saturday? This is short notice I know and perhaps the weather is too cold at this time of year. If not would you consider doing a walk over the hills tomorrow or the next day? Fenella

    • Hijazi Eid says:

      Hello Fenella,
      thank you for your interest in our hikes .. yes, it is cold tomorrow to go for overnight .. but i am happy to go for a walk in the desert for few hours tomorrow . please call me to see where to meet and for more details ( 0599 523 844 ) . I have a question for you . are you in the country for visiting or living here ?
      look forward to hearing from you ,
      Hijazi Eid
      Hijazi Travel
      Trekking, Hiking, City Tours
      + 972 599 523 844 (international calls)a0599 523 844 (national calls
      Bethlehem, Palestine
      Print only when necessary.
      “The Best Way To Know the country and the people is to explore it on foot “

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