Nablus – Taybeh Walk

Day 1:  Explore Nablus and Walk to  ‘Awarta (1 hour walking) 

  • On this day we will visit/meet with the Samaritan community (the smallest ethnic and religious community on earth). 
  • We will also Explore the old city of Nablus (ancient Shechem), visit Jacob’s well and Tel Balata where first Abraham arrived in Canaan
  • Our time in Nablus ends with a visit Traditional Soap factory
  • In the late afternoon, we will walk to the village of Awarta, explore the village and meet with the local people
  • Our days ends with dinner and discussion
  • Overnight with local families in ‘Awarta

Day 2: Walk from Awarta to Duma (6 hours walking)

  • Today we will walk to Mount Urma, observe the Archaeological site and the beautiful landscape, and enjoy traditional tea made on the fire
  • After this, we walk to Aqraba for long lunch break with local women’s committee (3 hours of walking before lunch)
  • In the afternoon we walk to Duma (3 hours)
  • In Duma we will enjoy dinner with local families, then an outdoor fire, henna, and discussion
  • Overnight in Duma

Day 3: Walking from Duma to Kufr Melek (5 hours walking)

  • In the morning we depart from Duma toward the village of al-Mughair
  • We have lunch  in al Mughair village with local families
  • In the afternoon we walk to  Ein Samia, and visit its natural water source
  • This is followed by a drive to Kufr Melek, and a meeting with the local women’s association of Kufr Melek
  • Dinner and debriefing follow
  • Overnight in Kufr Melek

Day 4: Walking from Kufr Melek to Taybeh (4 hours walking)

  • In the morning we walk through the spectacular olive groves for 4 hours with a picnic lunch and tea break
  •  In the afternoon we arrive at the ancient Christian village of Taybeh
  • In Taybeh we will visit the Byzantine Church, the old village which Jesus is believed to have visited 2000 years ago, and visit to the modern churches. We will also meet with Father Raed to learn about the Palestinian Christians


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