Nablus – Jerich – Dead Sea Walk

Days 1, 2, and 3 of this walk are moderate. The fourth day is a difficult walk, including parts that require climbing down the rocks.

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Day 1: Nablus (city tour)

  • We begin with a visit to the Old City of Nablus, including the olive oil and soap factory.
  • We then proceed to a meeting with the Samaritan community at the top of Mount Gerizim.
  • A visit Tel Balata follows – this is the place where Abraham first arrived in the Holy Land city of Shechem.
  • Our day concludes with a visit to Jacob’s well where Jesus met the Samaritan woman.
  • Overnight with local families in the Nablus area.

Day 2: Walk from ‘Awarta to Duma (6 hour walk, moderate)

  • Walking from ‘Awarta to Duma, we visit the water system in ancient Jabal Urma, walk through the villages of Aqrab and Majdal Bani Fadil, and enjoy a tea break.
  • We arrive in Duma in time for dinner.
  • After dinner with local families, we enjoy a gathering around the fire and participate in music and a cultural dance party.
  • Overnight with local families.

Day 3: Duma to Kufr Malek (6 hour walk, moderate)

  • Today we walk from Duma towards Kufr Malek, passing through the village of Maghayyar with its famous springs of Ain Samia and archaeological sites.
  • We arrive in the village of Kufr Malekwhere where we will have dinner.
  • Overnight with local families.

Day 4: Ein Samia to Auja (6 hour walk, difficult)

  • In the morning we drive back to Ein Samia, beginning our walk towards the Auja area in the Jordan Valley.
  • After we visit the Auja springs, we drive to the Dead Sea to experience floating in the salt water, enjoying its medicinal waters and famous mud.

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It was a pleasure for me to get know Hijazi. He was a very good companion in every way. He was friendly to everyone and quickly learned our names. His English speech was very good and so our German guide hadn’t any problems to translate to us. In addition to that, always every one of us could speak to Hijazi and could ask questions. Also while hiking in nature he showed us flowers and explained things about them. For me it was very interesting. I felt very safe to know that we have one (Hijazi) or two (Hijazi and Habib) guides, who knew where we are and where we had to go, especially in nature. Some walks were very hard, but our guides always helped us when we needed this. I enjoyed the hospitality from everyone. The evenings in Duma and Kufr Malek with the people from there were funny and nice for me. In every village the people were so friendly to us.  ~Barbara G., Germany


One comment on “Nablus – Jerich – Dead Sea Walk

  1. jeanette fregulia says:

    Just returned from this hike – amazing does not begin to describe it. From the city tour of Nablus to hiking in nature, we saw a side of Palestine that most people never do. Hijazi is so knowledgeable and passionate about his home! Everyone was more than kind and hospitable in Duma and Kufr Malek – they made us feel as if we had a home in Palestine. The spring in Auja was most welcome at the end of day 4. I recommend making time for this hike, or any of the tours provided by Hijazi Travel!

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