Bethlehem – Hebron Walk

This lovely walk goes through the green Wadi Artas, then moves on to the desert (rocky desert not sandy) in the Jerusalem wilderness.  Although the walk is a short distance, we will explore the diversity of the landscape, climate and great biodiversity of Palestine.  

Day 1: Walk from Bethlehem to Marah Rabah village (6 hours of walking) 

Walk through the beautiful Wadi Artas with its Roman aqueduct.

Break for a picnic lunch.

After lunch walk to the village where to meet our hosts for dinner and home stay.

Day 2: Marah Rabah to the Bedouin camp at Ar Rashayda in the desert (7 hours walking)

Our day begins with an easy walk in a wild wad, a deep valley with stunning rocky sides, and includes a picnic lunch and rest stop.

After our walk we arrive at the Bedouin tent in the desert, where we enjoy dinner, Bedouin music, dancing, a camp-fire, and a chance to count the stars in the clear sky.

Overnight in the Bedouin tent.

Day 3: Walk from Rashayde to Bani Naim (5 hours walking)

Enjoy all day walking in the Jerusalem wilderness.

Arrive at Masafer Bani Naim for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Hebron

Visit the famous Abrahamic sites in the village and continue to Hebron.

In Hebron, tour the old city and meet with the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee.

 Visit  the Ibrahimi mosque and the Patriarchs’ Tombs.

Trip ends with a visit to a traditional glass and ceramic factory.


2 comments on “Bethlehem – Hebron Walk

  1. Carolyn Smith says:

    interested in this walk. There are 2 of us. Will be in area 1st week of march 2012. What is the cost? We speak English only

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