Battir Walk


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At 9:00 am, we will meet at Battir Junction, west of Bethlehem (approximately 300 m south of the tunnel checkpoint). Our walk begins from Hussan and takes us through breathtaking valleys. As we walk you will learn about the history of the area, as well as Battir’s topographical landscape, a unique area comprised of a system of valleys and ridges that stretch from Beit Jala to the Green Line. We will see water springs, caves, archaeological sites, and other natural wonders, all immersed in a dense texture of terraces cultivated with olives, vines, almonds, fruit trees, and vegetables, including the famous Battiri aubergine. Along the way we will enjoy a picnic lunch with tea break in the olive groves and end our day with a walk back to Beit Jala through Wadi Makhrour.

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Other Important Information

Please bring good hiking shoes, sunglasses, a sun hat, sun screen, a small or medium backpack, drinking water, snacks, and plenty of your good mood!

To sign up, please contact Hijazi by email at or by phone at +972 599 523 844.

We look forward to hiking with you!

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1. Mary Russell an Irish Travel writer  :


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