Two-Week Walk

Walk Palestine

Two-Week Cultural Walk

The people of Palestine have always offered great hospitality to first-time visitors, not knowing where they come from or how long they will stay. Hospitality and offering the best of what they have is still the main characteristic of the people of the land. Building on the great hospitality and kindness of the Palestinian people, and on the same routes that people have been using for thousands of years, new hiking and walking routes have been emerging in Palestine. 

Important note :

Please remember that these are conservative community. Both men and women should be fully covered at all times. This includes a high neckline on a shirt and dress, shoulders and upper arms covered, and dresses or skirts below the knees. Trousers (pants) are common for both men and women. No shorts. Respecting the local mores will enable you to blend in and communicate comfortably with local people


Day 1: Arrival in Jerusalem in the morning, transfer to Nablus for dinner and overnight including Turkish Bath. Overnight in Al Yasmeen hotel in the old city of Nablus.

Day 2: Nalus and ‘Awarta

After touring the old city and visiting the olive oil soap factory, meet with the Samaritan community at the top of Mount Gerazim. Afterwards, walk toward Tel Balata where Abraham first arrived in the Canaanite city of Shkem. From there walk toward Jacob’s well where Jesus met the Samaritan woman. Continuing on, walk toward the village of ‘Awarta, visit the Maqqams, dinner and overnight with local families.

Day 3: Duma
Walk from ‘Awarta towards Duma. On the way enjoy visiting Jabal Awurma and the villages of Aqrab, Majdal Bani Fadil. Arrive in Duma in time for dinner. After dinner with local families, enjoy gathering around the fire and participate in music and cultural dance party. Overnight with local families.

Day 4: Taybeh
Walk from Duma towards Taybeh, passing through the village of Mghayyar, the famous springs of Ain Samia and its archeological sites and the village of Kufor Malek where we will have lunch with the local women committee. Continuing on to Dier Jarir and Taybeh. Arriving to Taybeh, enjoy visiting St. George church, Taybeh beer brewery, the old village and meeting with local families. Dinner and overnight at the local church guesthouse.

Day 5: Auja
In the morning, drive from Taybeh back to Ain Samia, start the walk towards the Auja area in the Jordan valley. Arrive to the Auja springs, dinner and overnight with local Bedouin families.

Day 6: Jericho
Start the day by walking towards Jericho. Arrive to the site of Ancient Jericho, visit Hisham’s Palace, Mount of Temptation and the Dead Sea. Dinner and overnight in a local hotel in Jericho.

Day 7: Nabi Musa

Walk through Wadi Qelt passing the ancient ruins of Herod the Great’s Palace and arrive at the St. George Monastery in Wadi Qelt. Continue on, walk through the Jerusalem wilderness towards the Maqam of Nabi Musa, a Maqam built by Salah El Dinne in the 12th century for prophet Moses. Arrive to Nabi Musa in time for dinner. Drive back to Jericho for overnight in the local hotel.

Day 8: Mar Saba

Start walking from Nabi Musa towards Mar Saba Greek Orthodox Monastery right outside of Bethlehem, one of the desert monasteries in the Jerusalem wilderness. Arrive to Mar Saba, dinner and overnight with local families.

Day 9: Beit Sahour and Bethlehem
Walk from Mar Saba area towards Beit Sahour, visit the Shepherd’s Field and continue to Bethlehem, visit the Church of the Nativity. From there continue to Artas, dinner and overnight with local families in the village of Artas. Cultural night will be organized by the local cultural center in the village.

Day 10: Mrah Rabah
Walk through Wadi Artas towards Tequa village. Arrive at the archeological site. Continue towards the village of Marah Rabah for dinner and overnight with local families.

Day 11: Shoyoukh

Follow the ancient Roman aqueduct towards Sair village and visit the Abraham and Sara Spring downtown. Continue to Shoyoukh for dinner and overnight with local families.

Day 12: Bani Naim and Hebron
Walk towards the village of Bani Naim, and visit the Abrahamic site, Yaqin, where Abraham made sure of the Judgment of God and in accordance to the locals, his forehead and footsteps are carved in the rocks of the area. Continue towards Hebron, arrive to Jabal Jouhar, overlooking the Ibrahimi Mosque. Visit the mosque and hear about the story of Abraham, culture and traditions, and observe the Abrahamic values in practice. Listen to a presentation by the Hebron Old City Rehabilitation committee. Dinner and overnight with local families in Hebron.

Day 13: Bethlehem and Free day
Drive to Bethlehem, free day in Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

Day 14: Jerusalem
Visit the Old City of Jerusalem. Drive back to Bethlehem for farewell dinner and departure.

Day 15: Departure


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    Hello do you have a tour in october or november ? Thanks for your answer I’m french

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