Walk Palestine

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The people of Palestine have always provided great hospitality to first-time visitors, without even knowing where they come from or how long they will stay. Offering the best of what they have is still the main characteristic of the people of this land. Building on this tradition of great hospitality and the kindness of the Palestinian people, we will follow along the same routes that people have been using for thousands of years, as well as discover the new hiking and walking routes that have been emerging in Palestine.

Hijazi Travel offers different types of hikes ranging from half-day walks to two-week adventures along the beautiful landscape.

Important Note

Please remember that Palestinian communities are conservative. Both men and women should be fully covered at all times.  This includes high necklines on shirts and dresses, shoulders and upper arms should be covered, and dresses or skirts should reach below the knees. Trousers (pants) are common for both men and women, please no shorts. Respecting the local mores will enable you to blend in and communicate comfortably with local people.

Visit and Walk Palestine

4 comments on “Walk Palestine

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    • Hijazi Eid says:

      Dear Gail,
      I hope this finds you well. thank you for hard work for Palestine. i do appreciate all what you do.
      Thanks again ,

  2. […] You can see many of the sites and areas through different walking tours available, offered weekly or […]

  3. as above says:

    Did you ever find Molly at the airport…you thought I was Molly…I like the information on your page here and I loved Jordan…the people (all of the people) we met were extremely kind and friendly to us…I would return in a heart beat if opportunity allows. From my country to yours I pray Gods blessing and peace.

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