Samaritans’ Passover

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The Samaritan Passover   

  • The Samaritan Passover 
    • The Samaritan Passover is an annual event that transports the modern person thousands of years back in history. For centuries, the Samaritan Passover has been observed on Mt. Gerzim where it continues to this day to offer sacrifices prescribed in the Torah (Pentateuch), long after the 2nd century destruction of their Temple.
    • Once you get used to the crowds and noise, you can almost imagine yourself back in Second Temple period times, feeling like you are present at the sacrifices as they used to be. What you will see is much like what the Samaritans have been doing since before the time of Christ.  Passover was, and still is, a central part of the Jewish calendar.  Jesus would have been a part of the crowds, confusion, and bloodletting as the New Testament tells us that he was careful to attend each Passover during his ministry.  He would have seen, heard, and smelled the same sights as those participating today.

    Few events today so effectively transport the modern person back to the ceremonies of biblical days.

    • WHEN: April 20, 2016, 9:00 am – Leave for Nablus from Manger Square in Bethlehem and 10:00 am from Qalandia checkpoint. We will visit Jacob’s Well, Balata refugee camp, soap factory, the old city bazaar, Turkish bath, and enjoy konafa, the lovely special dessert of Nablus.  From there, we will drive to Mt. Gerzim to visit the museum where you will learn about the culture and traditions of the Samaritans, and then in the evening, you will experience the Passover ceremony.  At 7:30 pm, we will depart from Mt. Gerzim.
    • COST: The cost is NIS 250 per person based on a minimum of 4 participants; if the number of participants is less than 4, the cost will be pro-rated to equal NIS 250. For 7-10 participants, the cost is NIS 230.  For more than 10 participants, the cost is NIS 210.  Costs include to and from Mt. Gerzim with a professional guided tour.
    • For BOOKING, please email or call Hijazi:, Jawal: 0599 523 844, Watanya: 0568 523 844





2 comments on “Samaritans’ Passover

  1. nicole says:

    Hello my friend and i are interested to join this Samaritan passover.
    Is the date above updated?

    • Hijazi Eid says:

      Dear Nicole,
      Thank you for your interest to join us for the Samaritan Passover. Yes, we are organizing this tour like always on April 20th .. will leave to Nablus from Manger Square in Bethlehem at 9 AM , will visit Jacob’s Well, Balata refugee camp, soap factory, exploring the old city bazaar, Turkish bath and enjoying the lovely special desert of Nablus ( Konafa ) then drive to Mont Gerzim to visit the Samaritan’s museum to learn more about their culture and traditions , then later on the evening participating them in their celebration .. please feel free to confirm as soon as possible
      all the best,

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