Lovely Evening

Lovely evening in the desert …

Hijazi Travel invites you for a lovely evening with a Bedouin family in the Jerusalem wilderness. Watch the sunset and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Dead Sea. Then join our host family for a delicious traditional Bedouin dinner in their tent. After dinner gather with our hosts to drink camel milk, tea, and coffee around the camp-fire, walk around the camp, or lie down to experience the mystery of the desert at night counting the stars in the clear sky while a gentle breeze ruffles your hair.

WHERE: Meet at Bab Ezqaq or the Bethlehem checkpoint, drive to Rashaydeh village to meet our host, then drive by four-wheel drive into the desert to the observation point overlooking the Dead Sea and the Jordanian mountains. After the sunset, drive back to the tent for dinner. At 10 pm return to Bethlehem.

COST: NIS  220 per person based on 5  participants. If the number of participants is fewer than 5, the rate will be pro-rated to equal the total price for 5 participants. Price includes transportation from meeting point, driving into the desert, escort, and dinner. 

To see photos of the location, click here

For more information, click here

To sign up, please contact Hijazi by email at or by phone at 0599 523 844 at least 12 hours ahead. Locals and internationals are most welcome to join. 

It is possible to stay overnight in the tent for an additional NIS 120 per person. 


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