Camel Trekking

Camel trekking in the Jerusalem Wilderness ( in the desert from Jericho to Masafer east of Bethlehem ) 


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Throughout history, camels have been a source of riches and of survival for nomad tribes. Their strength and endurance have served in trade and in war. Their wool, their milk, and their meat were useful in everyday life. They are comfortable around people and often enjoy being caressed. Many times, camels attach themselves to their owner, and are actively unhappy when separated from him for any period of time. During wars, the Bedouin claim that even if a camel is mortally wounded during a fight, he will not succumb and fall until he has carried his rider out of the battle and out of danger. Although camels may appear to sneer at strangers, and sometimes make noises that sound menacing, most camels are docile and even friendly creatures.

Hijazi Travel warmly invites you to join us for an unforgettable life experience. This  Camel Trek begins in Jericho, the oldest city in the world, and continues as we explore the endless Jerusalem wilderness on camels. Throughout the entire adventure you will be led by guides who have years of experience and vast knowledge of the land, its history, and its people.

Day 1: Arrival in Bethlehem

check in and welcome by Hijazi Travel owner and guide, Hijazi Eid, who will review the program for the coming days. Following this, we will explore the city of Jesus’ birth, including the Church of the Nativity and the old markets. Our day concludes with dinner in one of the city’s restaurants and overnight in Bethlehem  homestays or hotel .

Day 2: Drive to Wadi Qelt

The day begins with a visit to the 6th century monastery of St. George, followed by a walk down the spectacular valley where early Christian believers took a refuge from Roman Soldiers. From here, we continue on to King Herod’s winter palaces ( 1h  walk )  , which date from the 1st century. After this we visit Jericho, the oldest city on earth with ruins dating back 10,000 years. After lunch in the city we drive to the Dead Sea enjoying a float, as well as its medicinal waters and mud. Our day ends with an overnight with local families in Jericho.

Day 3: Camel Ride

After breakfast we meet our Bedouin guide with his camels and receive instruction on how to ride these amazing creatures. Leaving the city of Jericho, we ride south following the ancient road into the Jordan Valley, following caravan routes over which traveled both merchants carrying a vast array of products and armies on their way to battle. Our day ends at the Nabi Musa camping area, where we will enjoy dinner, a campfire, and overnight.

Day 4: Camel Ride

We continue our camel ride in the desert overlooking the Dead Sea, with an overnight in Bedouins’ tent.

Day 5

sunrise , watching camels leaving to the grazing land  then Bedouin breakfast .. End of the trip.

To sign up, please contact Hijazi by email at or by phone at +972 599 523 844.


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