Since 1995 the city has become the cultural, economic, and political center of the West Bank. It is considered to be the most liberal of all Palestinian cities.you will be able to see how Ramallah city has changed. It has a view of packed blocks of buildings, where Palestinians are obligated to live in, as land is a rare and expensive thing due to the political situation that is imposed by the Israeli occupation.

  • Palestinian President’s Headquarters and the resting place of the former president Yasser Arafat. ( Arafat’s Tomb  and Museum )
  • Manara Square, the lively new city center from which the main six streets of Jerusalem and Nablus branch: Main Road (Rukab St.), Jerusalem Road, Nablus Road, Birzeit Road (Broadcasting St.), Jaffa Road (Beitunia St.), Court Road (Chicken St.).
  • Meeting with Stop the Wall  Association . .learn about the segregation wall in West Bank and it is impact at the Palestinians’ daily life and the future of the Palestinian state . Field  tour arround the wall.
  • Lunch
  • Meeting with a Palestinian politician : presentation and discussion about the political situation and the directions of  political parties and situation . the Future  transformations 
  • Mahmoud Darwish Museum (Al-Birweh Park): Mahmoud Darwish a very well known Palestinian poet and he was a political activist and freedom fighter too . in his writings and poetry on a local and international level. The site contains his grave  which is laid as the center of an open book. The two sides of the book contain the museum and a hall for cultural events. Remarkable place and well taken care of. It

    depicts Darwish’s life and struggle for the Palestinian cause

To sign up, please contact Hijazi by email at hijeid@yahoo.com or by phone at +972 599 523 844.


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