Jenin & Sebastia Tour



The city of Jenin, which dates back to 2450 BC, was built by the Canaanites. The city name is derived from the gardens and orchards surrounding it, which is why today Jenin is known as the food basket of Palestine.


  • Sebastia / Samaria the Roman city: About 12 km northeast of Nablus is the small village of Sebastia, pop. 2600. Sebastia’s hilltop acropolis was the home of the biblical King Omri and his ill-fated family members, Ahab and Jezebel. There is evidence of at least six civilizations on the site, including significant Roman ruins.
  • Bala’ama tunnel: Located at the southern entrance of Jenin on the left-hand side, the Bala’ama Tunnel has a long history extending from the Early Bronze Age (3000 BC ) to the Ottoman period. The tunnel was originally built during the Late Bronze – Early Iron Ages and used by city residents as a safe passage to access their water source.
  • Jenin Old City: Tel Jenin, Fatima Khatoon Mosque, Jenin refugee camp and Freedom Theatre.

Meet at Bethlehem checkpoint at 8:00 am

Cost: $75/person 

Tour includes: transportation, a light lunch, and guide. Price is based on 5 participants. If the number of participants is fewer than 5, the cost will be pro-rated to equal the total price for 5 participants.

To sign up, please contact Hijazi by email at or by phone at +972 599 523 844.



3 comments on “Jenin & Sebastia Tour

  1. Jay Freeman says:

    We are interested in your Jenin tour. There are two of us. The dates available for us are Oct 31 or Nov 1. Do you have others going on those days to share the cost?

  2. Liz Silman says:

    I am interested in taking this tour on Thurs. June 21 but am only one person. Is it possible and what would the cost be? Thank you.

    • Hijazi Eid says:

      Hello Liz,
      thanks for your interest .. i sent you an email on June 13th at : .. but nothing from your side .. i hope you still interested in this trip . yes, we can do it for one person . the cost $ 250 includes transportation, guiding and lunch

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