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  •  The Nativity Church, birth place of Jesus
  • The Milk Grotto Church
  • A walk through the old market and visit to the olive wood workshops and gallarays.
  • A walk along the barrier wall, including views of the graffiti. visit to Bankzy Hotel and gallaray.
  • A visit to the Aida Refugee Camp, and an opportunity to learn about the refugee crisis facing Palestine
  • The Shepherds’ fields in Beit Sahour

Optional sites include:

  • Tent of Nations : Tent of Nations
  •  Solomon’s pool.
  • Mar Theodosius Monastery
  • Mar Saba Monastery in the Jerusalem Wilderness
  • The Herodian Fortress, built by King Herod the Great

To sign up, please contact Hijazi by email at or by phone at +972 599 523 844.


2 comments on “Bethlehem

  1. jeanette fregulia says:

    Just took this tour 24 May – thank you Hijazi, it was truly wonderful, and you gave the group an important and better understanding of the situation in Palestine. Thank you – I highly recommend this tour

  2. Javier barreras says:

    Hola buenos días! Me llamo javier barreras, quisiera saber si realizan las salidas en idioma español, muchas gracias por su respuesta hijazi!

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