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10 comments on “Hijazi Eid

  1. Robert Gidding says:

    I will be in Jerusalem from Jan. 12 through 24th.
    I would like to take a tour to Nablus.
    Please contact me.
    610-664-4530 (USA)

  2. Dan Nyquist says:

    Hello sir, we will be working together on the Social Tourism project so I thought I’d say hello.I have friends there and would like to help develope small business and agricultural projects and would like to make some contacts in the villages and start an Urban Ag.Inititive.My friend there has 10 years Project Management experience I have contacts in the UN Development Programme and USAID.Would you like to get involved?

    • Hijazi Eid says:

      Dear Dan,
      Glad t o hearing from you . thank you for your interest in help . it is my pleasure to be in touch with your friend here. could you please give me his / their contacts and introduce me to them to meet ASAP to discuss all possibilities and opportunities for cooperation.
      look forward to hearing from you ,

      Hijazi Eid
      Hijazi Travel
      Trekking, Hiking, City Tours
      + 972 599 523 844 (international calls)
      0599 523 844 (national calls)
      Bethlehem, Palestine
      Print only when necessary.
      “The Best Way To Know the country and the people is to explore it on foot “

    • Hijazi Eid says:

      Hello Dan,
      I hope this finds you well. i am writing to follow up with your project. is it possible to put me in-touch with your friend in the country?
      look forward to hearing from you,

  3. Dianne says:

    Hello Hijazi Eid ~ Do you have a 2013 itinerary? Shukran!

    • Hijazi Eid says:

      Dear Dianne,
      thank you for your question. yes, i do have itineraries for 2013 . i just finished the spring season which started very early this year. now i am working on Autumn season. it will start on Oct. 2013 . soon i will put the new dates on my page .
      all the best,

  4. Peter Horsman, Vancouver, Canada says:

    Hi Hijazi,

    1. Would you have anything planned for Jan/Feb, 2015?

    2. Is there such a thing as an “all day” walk up in that highland area – I just came across yr site but leave Wednesday and am unable Monday – leaves Tuesday maybe?


    • Hijazi Eid says:

      Dear Peter,
      Thank you for contacting us . Yes, we are running out tours all around the year . i will send you more details on your email address . \

  5. Javid Hakim says:

    Hello Hijazi,
    I will be arriving on the 3rd January 2016, Please advise how to arrange taxi from Tel Aviv Ben Gurion airport to Nablus and also wish to book tour to various place in Palestine and Jerusalem

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