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Hello my fellow hikers and explorers,

Hijazi Travel offers you a first hand experience and a rare opportunity to go beyond the news headlines and stereotypes. We offer a platform where cultures and people meet creating more understanding, helping to build bridges leading to peace.

We take people on multiple day hikes, staying with local families along the way, sharing meals with them and sleeping in their homes and in Bedouin tents. Learn about the lives of our hosts, experience the renowned hospitality of the Bedouin people, enjoying Arabic coffee and Bedouin music sitting around a camp fire in the desert. The tours help support the women who take us into their families and cook for us. As we walk, we identify the flora and fauna, and we talk about the diversity, the mystery, and the rich, multi-layered history of the Holy Land.

We invite you to be more than a tourist. Enrich your life, meet people, and make lasting friendships.

Hijazi Travel will help you to design an itinerary suited to your needs and interests and to resolve logistical problems. We will guide you through every step of your amazing visiting and hiking experience in Palestine.

We welcome you most warmly to Palestine.

If you enjoyed your tour with Hijazi Travel, please recommend us. These are some suggested sites. Thank you very much and we look forward to welcoming you back to Palestine!


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Rough Guides

To sign up, please contact Hijazi by email at hijeid@yahoo.com or by phone at +972 599 523 844.

Hijazi Eid

My tour with you and my two adult offspring is considered by each of us one of the grand travel experiences of our lifetimes. Our introduction to your beautiful country was brilliantly enhanced by your cordial, well-presented and well-informed, and welcoming expertise about every part and facet of Palestine. ~Bill Norris, USA


10 comments on “Welcome!

  1. Greetings Hijazi,Hope you are well and safe. It appears that the Global Social Tourism effort is going no place but we could work on a similar effort on our own.I have been in contact with Richard Ferrell and Biswo Ulak from the group and we want to proceed.
    It was my thought that this would be a great opportunity to help out the villages along these tourist routes by providing development tools through USAID,foundations,etc. I am an agri and small business guy and these efforts could bring food,income and a chance for these villages to thrive. The concept is a valid one but it will take work.Let’s keep in touch.Best regards,Dan

  2. Hi, Hijazi! Is this the best place to leave a thank-you note to you? If not, please redirect me. I am still processing, slowly, the amazing and wonderful time I had in Palestine this past August, now six weeks ago, and the three-day introduction to the land and people that you provided. I have shown my photos to so many friends and it is has been a grand process of de-mystification for everyone. THIS is a Palestinian and THIS is a Palestinian. THIS is a Bedouin woman, a Bedouin man, a Bedouin child. HERE is where I slept at the Bedouin compound. THIS is a young female Bedouin computer geek. THIS is breakfast at the compound. HERE is their solar panel. And then, THIS (Hebron in particular) is a travesty. THIS (getting internet access at your friend’s home in the oldest section, all buildings of ancient stone, of Bethlehem) is a joy. HERE is the Tomb of Ibrahim/Abraham, where I had to cover up like little-blue-riding-hood, and was spiritually nourished by the beautiful inlaid stonework. HERE is where there are holes in rooftop terraces so that women can see out (a little bit). I especially appreciate your leading me unerringly, and in the hottest month of the year, on camel and goat paths through the stark Judean Wilderness, with high wide sky and salty mountains, from the Bedouin family compound near Rashaydeh to the look-out high above the Dead Sea. Thank you! I am happy to talk to people who are interested in touring with you.

    • Hijazi Eid says:

      Hello Kitty ,
      I hope this finds you well. Thank you for your kind comment and feedback . you are most welcome any time to Palestine .
      all the best,
      H. Eid

  3. United-21 kanha says:

    All inforamiton given in above post is really important for being an sucessful traveler business owner or agnet, after that customer belive on you and your services. thanks for sharing a nice piece of content

  4. Here is a valuable opportunity to understand and enjoy what Palestine has to offer to tourists. You can travel through the ancient holy land and make contact with local bedouin who have lived there for centuries. With such an informative guide as Hijazi Eid, you can learn not only about the history but the natural flora and faun as you are trekking. Importantly you are supporting sustainable tourism and contributing to the local economy. This is a holiday with a difference, not just a superficial view from a tour bus but a chance to learn in depth about the country and important sights. You can also learn about the reality of the political situation in both Palestine and Israel.

  5. Nicole Wolff Marseille says:

    Merci Hijazi pour ton accompagnement tout au long de notre voyage en mai 2016 : merci pour nous avoir permis de découvrir l’histoire, la nature, l’archéologie, les femmes et les hommes de ton pays. Et tout cela avec une disponibilité, une gentillesse et un humour incomparables.
    Je ne peux que recommander à mes amis de France de faire appel à tes services. Salam aleikum

  6. Gilles COURTIOL says:

    Bonjour Hijazi Merci pour ton accompagnement lors de mon séjour en Palestine dans des sites superbes. Ta disponibilité et la chaleur de ton accueil ont été magnifiques.

  7. Amanda Millis says:

    I went on a tour a year and a half ago. I know, I am terrible at leaving timely reviews, but I have also had a hard time articulating an experience that was so meaningful to me. I went to Bethlehem and then to stay the night a t a Bedouin Camp. We also took a ride in a jeep out to the Dead Sea from the camp. I brought my watercolour set and sketchbook with me. My favourite favourite favourite thing was painting with the girls in the Bedouin camp. It was absolutely amazing. They were so lovely. Also, at one point, the tour guide started talking about how there was supposed to be a meteor shower one night, but he didn’t know when. Then he talked to the people who lived in the camp, and they said, oh it’s tonight. So at like 1am we watched an impromptu meteor shower in the desert. Also, the tour guide had the call to prayer go off on his phone alarm clock, and we talked about that. I don’t know much about Islam, but now in my life, I set a phone alarm to go off on my phone 5 times a day to pray and meditate. While I’m not Muslim or really any particular religion, I do believe in a creative loving spirit-force whatever thing connecting us all, and every time my phone alarm goes off now, it reminds me to connect with that thing and I always think of the tour guide, the tour guide’s friend—the American teacher teaching in Jerusalem, and the family in the camp. I think of those little girls who are now two years older and how I was so lucky to have that moment of connection with all of those people that night in the desert. It was probably one of the best days of my life.

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